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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  May 16, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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the golden gate bridge district became aware of this. >> our security system is developed to keep people from harming of the structure. it is not designed to prevent thrill seekers harming themselves. that being said their behavior could have harmed motorists below and it does highlight the public safety issue that does need to be taken -- does it need to be addressed. >> if they had backpacks it would not have harmed the bridge. >> cameras with alarms focus with critical bridge structures. trespassers say there are no major harm could have resolved it. >> i have done extensive research on the topic.
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individuals with backpacks in the area where these people were it is not a cause for alarm. it could have endangered motorists. it could have endangered motorists. another thrillseeker partially climbed the bridge two years ago. >> in this recent case of these trespassers may face those consequences and more. officials also say. they also hired a video license for use of this video so we could show you. those ill-gotten gains may be short-lived. >> we will prosecute to the full process.
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>> he says he is an experienced climber and chose a time of a little traffic and hope he won't be arrested. finally he says his parents advised him not to do what he and his that he actually did. >> i would love to get in contact with security so no one else can attempt this type of thing ever again. as far as legal percussions there are worse problems in the world than two teenagers having find climbing a bridge and taking pictures. nothing was harmed and no property was damaged. we took all the risks into consideration. >> officials say they will increase patrols right away and consider adding more alarms and technology after a thorough review. >> the golden gate bridge is a
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prime terrorist target and it was so easy for these two to climb to the top of the bridge. it is alarming that they were able to get on the bridge. >> they were certainly outwitted by these guys and maybe they could use their help. the truth is that they found a way that no one else understood could be access to that way. the question is will this encourage other thrill seekers or worse someone who wants to do harm. they will have to deal a lot of soul-searching and added technology before they can walk away from this. >> it looks like they did it fairly easily as well. what did bridge officials say they want to see happen with these young men. >> they say they will go after them civilly and criminally.
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maybe they will make an example of them. if they get on the do not fly list could be serious people that young. i think there is a lot of soul-searching that has to be done for a better solution to rush to give them a record. >> if you are not going that you need to take a walk around the bridge with authorities and help do that. maybe that is part of your penalty for doing it. the white house is denying allegations of that the president asked the former fbi director to drop the investigation into his former national security advisor. and associate read part of the memo out loud to new york times reporter. in it he made planes -- claims that trump said i hope you can see your way clear to letting this go. to letting flynn go. he said that during a private
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oval office meeting back in february. flynn is a subject in the investigation to trumps campaign influence with russia. jason says he is ready to subpoena copies of any memos of the former fbi director wrote about his meetings with president trump. the administration is pushing back against a report from the washington post claiming the president released sensitive classified information and two the russian ambassador. on twitter the president defended those actions resident i wanted to share with russia and openly scheduled white house meeting which i had the right to do. humanitarian reasons plus i want russia to step up their fight against russia and terrorism.
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>> during a photo op with the leader of turkey president trump talk to his speaking ports -- points. >> we support turkey in the first fight against terror and terror groups like isis. >> president trump appearing in front of the press today staying mom about washington's report where he is alleged to have talk about top-secret report. national security advisor mcmaster which was in the meeting denied the presence of the article and attempted to push the story on to leaguers. >> the real issue that i would like to see debated more is that national support the best security has been put at risk i those releasing information to the press that could be used connected with other
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information available to make american citizens and others more vulnerable. >> democrats and some republicans are demanding more information about the oval office oval office meeting thing the president has potentially put the white house at risk. >> sources say the information revealed it was partly from is really intelligence although not confirming that the israeli ambassador say they have the full confidence in the information staring -- sharing relationship. elationship.
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also with authorities about where her past cases stand. >> reporter: listening to police on the boulevard she lists possible criminal charges in the death of a 3-year-old boy. >> he was laying on her back. >> jodi thought a woman lying on the sidewalk and went over to help. >> she seemed out of it. she clearly had a smell of alcohol on her breath. she wasn't giving me answers to all the questions that i was asking her. >> the woman was at the wife of
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the sheriff's deputy. earlier police found her passed out a few miles away and drove her to the hot it all where they say she walked out before being treated and passed out again. >> i said can i call anybody and she said that my husband is a share of. >> police arrested her for public drunkenness and drew her to the jail where she was released the next day. this is her third alcohol-related incident in less than a year. she is facing a possible manslaughter charge in connection with the drunk driving charge in september. 3-year-old was killed and his mother was injured. the chief prosecutor told us by phone his office is winding down the investigation and could announce a decision on charges within a few weeks. malik and is also serving three years probation and alameda
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county. she was arrested for driving with alcohol level of .13 while the child was in the car. on friday more trouble. >> she has problems that she needs to take care of. >> the prosecutor wouldn't say why the investigation has taken so long. he says he is well aware of this latest incident. >> anger and overwhelming heart ache were on display today during the first day of the penalty phase of the tour torres trial. david boyd told jurors in this part of the trial is about justice and described the punishment a convicted murderer should receive. he was found guilty. the 15-year-old vanished on her way to school and her body had never been found. prosecutors called friends or two the stand who provided careful testimony. they told the jury the killing has left them scarred scared
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and unsure who can be trusted. >> prosecution took the evidence and the fact that the body has never been found and is using that as an aggravating factor facing torres extinguished her life and left no trace behind for her family. >> the guilty verdict in shores of torres will die in prison. the only remaining question is if the death will be from natural causes or lethal injection. the penalty phase begins tomorrow afternoon. the grand jury has indicted him to young men on child pornography. that they are facing him for for producing possessing and distributing child pornography. the men are accused of photographing and taking explicit videos of children who they were babysitting.
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federal agents -- agencies sees the hard drive containing pictures of illegal children. longtime residents on the move and hundreds have been posting their reasons why on her face page. what local leaders said when we show them some of the responses. or cole oracle arena is filling up as a game two is filling up. coming up we will take you live for pregame court and have the latest on the war years of deactivating deactivating a social media county due to death threats. -- warriors deactivating a social media account due to death threats. [ birds chirping ] [ inhales, exhales ] [ announcer ] cigarettes are not just dangerous when they're smoked. [ rat squeaking ] they're dangerous long after.
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cigarette butts are toxic. they release chemicals that poison our water... and harm wildlife. and millions... are polluting our environment. [ sniffing ] [ seagulls squawking ]
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it is the ankle injury that is casting a shadow over the
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conference finals. leonard stepped on his eyes on his foot during game one. leonard rolled his ankle and will be out for game two. there were so many death threats that histogram -- that he disabled his instagram account. one person wrote i hope your family dies a horrible death and another person said i will track you down like the dog you are and kill you. this is just getting ridiculous. >> reporter: is the ugly side of sports coming to a head. in my opinion irresponsible comments aimed directly at the's isaiah exacerbated this
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situation. i asked about up security and one of the officer says during the regular season 22 officers are assigned to a normal warriors. there are 26 here tonight and there are more assigned and when they make it to the playoffs. >> the other thing is that the death threats from the san antonio spurs fans who may have to beef up security when they play in san antonio. it's ridiculous. those comments you read absolutely ridiculous. we are not talking about basketball we are talking about death threats. >> last night i said it was ridiculous to equate manslaughter with a sprained ankle and i think that brought it to another level. 20 minutes ago popovich addressed the media and jason
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got to the point. he asked him the question that everybody wanted to now. >> do you stand by your comments about truly from yesterday or was that a heat of the moment thing. he's had to take down his instagram page. >> i said everything i was going to say about that yesterday. tonight is a game two and that is what needs to be concentrated on. >> that is very convenient for popovich to do that. brush it off and act like it didn't happen and act like the fire wasn't already having greece thrown on it but that is typical of what he does. he starts something and walks away. it is it was possible. and even though this guy is a hall of fame coach he has to be held was possible and accountable for his actions. into that room it was
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interesting that nobody wanted to ask him at that question. there were 50 to 60 media members all around -- from all around the country and this guy has so body -- are so many intimidated. >> so many are asking questions about the men's -- simmons. i figured i better ask the question. this has gotten really big. san francisco has gotten -- is having fun with it. they put up on our marquee -- a theater marquee that truly is innocent. >> this is another example of social media exploding things. but julie was on the court a half an hour ago and when kevin durant made his way out he gave him verbal support.
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make no bones about it actually has the full support of not only his teammates but the entire warriors organization. >> i got your back baby. if we could caption that shot i got your back baby. this shot that popovich was so up in arms about is a fairly common foul. they got free throws because of it. look at this. aldridge a player with the spurs 32 seconds after the foul did the exact same thing on set. but seth is adapted on how he shoots the jumpshot to avoid injury. >> a seth curry has learned to adjust this by spreading his
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feet after he takes a shot. you know well he has had ankle problems. i do want to mention one other thing with regard to popovich. not only irresponsible his comments yesterday and starting a whole other story is pretending it didn't happen today. he is also a hypocrite. he had a player with him for eight years named bruce bowen who was known for this exact exercise and if you youtube dirty players in the nba bruce bowen who played for popovich for eight years is the number one player that came up. youtube that and check out youtube that and check out. >> popovich is upset they blew the 25-point lead and is trying to change the narrative but he went way too far. >> there is a lot going on here aside from a basketball game. the bottom line is nobody is
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talking about basketball and that is a shame. >> we talked about the ugliness of all this going on. there is video you showed about the two coaches teaming very friendly like chumming it up on the sidelines. is in that video from today or from game one. >> it's -- it could be from today or game one but last year mike brown work with popovich. he steve kerr and popovich are very good friends. they are friendly. >> mike brown was an assistant coach under popovich for three years. they are good friends. in fact if i could tell a story mike brown on his way in in his range rover was in front of the team bus and there were five police officers telling everyone to get out of the way to let of the bus come in and mike brown in his range rover was the only one who didn't move so they started yelling at him.
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that mike brown phone call from popovich while this is going on staying dude get out of the way -- staying dude out of the way. >> from all the ugliness we could have a laugh. >> a light moment. >> we will check back with you guys later. >> game two is coming up tonight at the clock and then they go on to san antonio for game three on saturday and game four is scheduled for next monday also in san antonio. a few showers showing up near the bay area. the weather system that brought us all the clouds today as temperatures in the 50s and low 60s continue to move into the area. a big difference from what we had today into tomorrow. we have showers near granite
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bay. scattered showers in the foothills. we may see a sprinkle or two before the night is over. it will be very light. you can see some areas look like the radar is showing some returns but i guess that is evaporating before it hits the ground. temperatures on the cool side out there today. 10 degrees cooler in santa rosa. a big drop. yesterday it wasn't all that run on -- warm but today cooler still. tomorrow will be the coolest day of the week. you can look and see the cloud cover and that's how i day looked all day. cloud cover tonight but then tomorrow partly to mostly sunny. yellows are going to be in your 70s and you will see those pop in here. we will see 60s and low to mid 20s as we head into the bay
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area tomorrow. maybe even upper 70s near sacramento and central valley. a warmer day tomorrow and that will take us into the bay area weekend with numbers at that could return to the low. today a big drop off and tomorrow climbing up from there. we will see you back here with the five day forecast. it is a fire the bay area will never forget. 36 people died in the ghost ship warehouse fire last year. coming up a lawsuit families file today and who they are blaming for the disaster. a sexual harassment lawsuit filed against the bay area start up. the claims of an office sex room and how the company is responding.
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. the family of 18 of the 36 victims of the ghost ship
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warehouse fire joined to take action against those they blame for the fire. this lawsuit alleges negligence. >> this 55 piece lawsuit not only means the land -- the landlord and the couple who were the tenant but include pg and a for liability of the fire. >> thirty-six people died in december when a fire broke out at the ghost ship warehouse. a complaint says pg and he was negligent for failing to provide safe electrical service. >> pg and a contributed to this fire. they did not follow their own rules. they exhibited a willful and blatant disregard for the safety of the people who came into this building and the people who lived there. >> pg and e failed to bring safe power into the ghost ship.
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that is why they are being brought into this lawsuit. it is not a matter of deep pockets it is a matter of culpability. >> we felt lost her 22-year-old daughter in the fire. she said she was reluctant to get involved in the litigation but knew she had to take action. >> i don't want something like this ever take -- it to happen again. >> pg and he says they haven't seen the lawsuits but the thoughts and prayers are with the family. they say they have no report of electric threats for any other anomaly of -- for this location. the main tenant organized the event and rented live and work space to the artist. a spokesman for the business -- a building owner declined to comment. prosecutors are still
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conducting a criminal investigation. and attorney said they continue to serve terminal charges against the client and they can be factually or legally supported. the victims have also filed claims against the city of oakland. a spokesman for the city attorney said this turned a blind eye to the deathtrap that existed. a spokesman for the city attorney said he could not comment until formal lawsuits against oakland are filed. attorneys for the say they fully expect that to happen. coming up but they came from around the state and gathered in the governor's office. coming up next a new bill and why some sheriff's field they are being told to doing their job for political reasons. we first told you about some of the bay area residents looking to leave the region. we got an overwhelming ponds and we took your questions about
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pollution housing and traffic. that's coming up ahead
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my family is still all very local and we are very tight knit family. i am the baby of four children and they never would have expected to be the one to leave. >> we heard from hundred on face book. stephen phillips road in march of 2018 i will sadly leave my history and family behind. it has been a tough decision but i see no hope for my home state. james road i left california last week for good. i lived in san jose 45 years of born and raised. it has become unappealing. >> we know the housing cost are killing people. >> the mayor says the city council next week will vote on a 700 units of high density housing is saying the city needs to come up with more affordable options. >> we need to provide a path for folks to get into home
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ownership. >> one economist says the bay area housing affordability crisis is a chronic problem decades in the making with a potential to slow job growth. >> job growth has slowed down from one or two years ago and the reason is the climbing housing price in the area. >> as for housing. >> as for housing we would encourage the bay area residents to can enter some some of the other beautiful regions in the state for looking elsewhere. san joaquin county and riverside have a minute to of the fastest growing regions in california. >> we know san bernardino and riverside isn't the solution a lot of a side residents are
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looking for. we pressed for a solution. we spoke with a non- profit and they said the holdup was because of trade unions and environmental groups. in san jose the mayor says it will take years to get the housing in line with the demand . >> there is a part of me that doesn't want to know but people who sell their houses here what do they get for their money when they moved their. for example bend oregon. >> that's a great question. that family sold their home for $1.3 million they are doing a lateral move. they are moving from 1800 square feet to a 6,000 square foot home. a lot of people told us you can't get as much for your money as he used to. maybe if you look back a decade ago.
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a lot of regions are seeing impact of housing prices go up because of californians moving their. >> thank you. sheriff's across california read the capital announcing sanctuary state legislation with lawmakers. the measure would bar local and state law enforcement from using their resources to investigate or arrest people for immigration violations. one southern california said the bill would threaten the safety of californians and he suggested it is it driven by political motives. >> i am learning this is a turning into an anti- trumpet movement. that is not -- anti- trumpet movement. that is not what we are about. >> the sheriff says the bill would allow with serious -- allow serious criminals to be released back into the
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community. the state senate passed the bill last month and it is now headed to the assembly. new information about a developing story in palo alto. school board members haven't moved into a closed-door meeting after 45 minutes of public comment. parents are furious about an alleged sexual assault on a high school campus. board members want to review details of how high school administrators handled an alleged sexual assault on a campus. jesse is a live outside the school board meeting. >> reporter: that closed-door meeting is supposed to wrap at the top of the our event board members will come out and announce whatever actions they take. before that there was an opportunity for the public to express their views. a lot of parents and students came in and invented about how
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administrators handled the situation. >> it doesn't feel good to feel like the people who my parents sent me to school to protect me is saddening to think that they don't really care about you. >> this senior is frustrated she had to find out about this controversy via social media. at the district board is looking into how decisions were made serve right -- surrounding alleged sexual assault. a 14- year-old student says she was forced to perform a sex act by a boy and fellows didn't who was older. the student athlete in question is still attending classes and playing sports for the school. the u.s. the department of
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education wrapped up a four- year investigation into how it handled cases of alleged sexual assault and harassed and. federal investigators found that this district violated the federal antidiscrimination laws by failing to investigate these types of reports. monday the principle of palo alto high school addressed to density at the school television news show in focus. >> we have had additional counseling staff on the campus and also have additional female administrators here as well. please come to the guidance office if you feel you need more help. do your part to show kindness and compassion to anyone who needs support. we are all in this together. >> kim says the students are the most important thing. she says extra counselors have been assigned to the school during this period.
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the superintendent says he will come out after this closed-door session is wrapped. and his dog helped him cope with pts day -- the. but at the st. patrick's day parade at officer thought the dog was charging and fired. after the break a look at this famous guitar and how much it is a good to go for.
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wolf is headed back to auction. it is the legendary guitar belonging to jerry garcia. >> for millions of passionate grateful dead fans there is only wolf. -- only one wall. jerry garcia the guitar. >> this instrument is more than instrument. there are no more passionate fans at that those who love the grateful dead. the deadheads. >> wolf first appears -- appeared in 1973. >> it is the embodiment of
5:44 pm
jerry garcia at his very best. the heart of his career. i can't of any other musician where fans knew the instrument and identify the instrument with the performer as this instrument is identified with jerry. >> wolf was previously sown -- sold in 2002 where it pitched -- fetched more than $1 million. now the buyer has returned this instrument for a one lot auction. >> it is such a divisive time in our nation's history. he wanted to do something meaningful with wolf and give 100% of the proceeds to a very wonderful organization known as the southern poverty law center and has been fighting racism and poverty and hate groups.
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>> the auction will be held on may 31st following and of music at new york city's brooklyn bowl. a computer problem hits several starbucks stores around the bay area. starbucks a says of this problem is not related to the worldwide rant somewhere issue. a few locations such as one store offered free coffee outside the store. the official word is that a regularly scheduled technology update last night caused some locations in the u.s. and canada to go off-line. cyber security area -- experts are searching for the rant somewhere attackers from last week. the timing also says that since the attack came at the same time in north korea test fired a new rocket. the way the virus replicated it's health suggest it's main
5:46 pm
goal was disruption not money. >> it is a bit unclear what the ultimate motivation here is. but it does seem clear this is not the type of thing a professional cyber criminal would do. >> some $4 billion worth of damage was done. a kill switch was found on monday. and his service dog was shot by a police officer. the dog ended up losing his life. why the dogs owner was initially charged with two felony counts. upper 50s and low 60s around the bay with cloud cover. a changes coming. i will have more details after the break.
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a judge in san francisco has dropped all assault charges
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against the man whose a service dog was a shot by a police officer. and officer said at the pit bull lunged at him so he shot the dog in the leg. the dogs at the lake had to be amputated. now the owner is considering suing the san francisco police department. >> donald merchant says his dog the girl is as everything. >> she is my life. >> merchant says pretty girl helps him cope with pts the and life on san francisco street as a home of -- homeless man. >> a few blocks from the parade on st. patrick's day his life was turned upside down. pretty girl can be seen here as merchant sits near is by. >> i heard a loud noise. >> a police officer directing traffic thought the dog was
5:50 pm
threatening him though he shot her in the lake. you can see her running away limping. one witness spoke to us. >> there was blood everywhere and the poor dog is yelping and crying. and officers said it looks like the dog was going to charge him. that's baloney. there were hundreds of people he could have shot a human being. >> merchant was charged with two felony counts. he ended up spending the next 16 days in jail while his dog underwent surgery to get her leg amputated. >> the police officer said mr. . merchant said get him boy to his dog. >> i understand now the man was only on the job for four
5:51 pm
months. so he panicked. >> a judge dropped all charges against merchant last week with the man says his dog has been traumatized and he is thinking of suing. they declined to comment. >> she is a good dog. >> he says since the shooting pretty girl has become nervous. you see how she was and how she is now. she's my baby. it was a winter of record breaking snowfall in the sierra and some is still falling in the lake tahoe area. another cold system is the into the region now. so far this spring snow has not resulted in any chain requirements on the highway. a lot of wet on the roads.
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>> the winter that won't and -- end. >> we're coming to the middle of may now. we're still seeing snow flurries in the mountains. temperatures today were way below where they were yesterday. here's the system that has maligned us with cooler numbers and temperatures and a lot of cloud cover. sacramento is still getting scattered showers. that's how it's going to go for the next few hours up there. it's much cooler tonight.
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on the bay and at the coast there is a lot of cloud cover which has kept things very cool. the rain is moving through tomorrow and is moving rapidly as high pressure moves in wednesday tomorrow and friday. that is the high pressure building in tomorrow morning. temperatures tomorrow start to warm back into the low to mid 70s. as you get into thursday and
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friday you will see in the five day forecast is even more. low 80s by thursday mid 80s by friday and upper 80s by saturday. the weekend we will have plenty of warmth and dry conditions. there is still a chance for sprinkle around here tonight but it would be a non- event. paying last if you make less. a new effort to make it easy for low income owners -- earners to pay traffic tickets. the employee taking legal action over an alleged next. -- sex room. how the company is responding tonight.
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you're going to be hanging out in here. so if you need anything, text me.
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a new effort to help make it easier for people who don't make a lot of money to pay off their traffic that. >> it would give some drivers a discount on their find. >> it would give judges in many cases wide latitude and discretion to be able to reduce the amount of a fine for traffic tickets but up to 80%. that is if a driver can prove they are unable to pay the original amount of the fine
5:58 pm
because of their income. people would only be eligible if their income is up to two and a half times more than the federal poverty limit. the author of this bill says this is an attempt to try to even the playing field because he says hefty traffic fines that run hundreds of dollars are in many cases an annoyance to people who are wealthy but they can be detrimental to low income earners who often time find themselves in debt. we spoke this morning with the drivers about this idea. >> it is a good idea. some people don't make enough money to pay tickets like student tickets are $100 up. >> my thought is it would make it preferential for people who are low income and want to break the law and the speed and break other vehicle laws knowing they wouldn't get defined as much -- find as much.
5:59 pm
>> it would not include driving under the influence for reckless driving. this bill likely will be up for a boat in the state senate in the sacramento next month. another big controversy tonight at the trump white house. the president asked the fbi director to drop the investigation of michael flynn. >> the new york times is now reporting that the president asked the fbi director to drop the investigation into michael flynn during a private meeting in february. >> associates read part of the memo out loud.
6:00 pm
in it it is claimed that mr. . trump said i hope you can see your way clear to letting this go. to letting flynn ago. >> michael flynn is one of the subject into the investigation with russia. >> the white house denying that president trump asked the fbi director to end the investigation. >> they are pushing back hard after another bombshell allegation tonight accusing the president of asking his former fbi director to stand down on the investigation into michael flynn and his ties to russia. >> on a day when we thought things couldn't get any worse they have. >> the new york times saying


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